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WORN and the Patching of Holes

Noveber 19, 2023

The workshop discussion was dedicated to the groundbreaking book "Worn" by Sofi Thanhauser and
why sewing and preserving clothes is a political act.


The workshop talks are about the rich inventions of textile production, why we hardly know their history and what we can do about it. Thanhauser does a remarkable job of telling the story of our clothes and uncovering connections I've never seen before. These workshop discussions are about these new insights. They want to make an active contribution to the largely untold story of fantastic inventions with fibers and fabrics, in which women have been the protagonists in large parts of the world since the beginning of human history, and how commercialization and trade have contributed to the devaluation of these achievements. Their importance is hidden. Their artistic and social significance is hidden.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Leonhard Cohen

Making clothes is one of the oldest cultural techniques known to mankind. A lot of experience and resources go into a piece of fabric. Repairing clothes and reusing fabrics were part of everyday life until well into the middle of the last century.

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