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Familienzentrum Quellenpark

Johannes Gutenberg Straße 13a (1. Stock)

61118 Bad Vilbel

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday

by appointment

7 till 9 p.m.

5 EUR expenses

Extend the life of your beloved textiles and learn new skills that will accompany you throughout your life!

Meet like-minded people and join the slow fashion movement!


In this open workshop, creative methods inspired by needlework techniques from around the world will be introduced and tried out. The focus will be on mending (Visible Mending) and creating new pieces of fabric through patchwork and sashiko. I regularly bring books and tools that cover craft methods I am currently working with, such as braiding, spinning or weaving.
Please note: This is not a traditional workshop! We help each other.
Previous knowledge is helpful, but not essential.

Please bring along:

Your small sewing projects, garments that need to be repaired or personalized,

and everything you need for that.

For example:

Needles: that you can work well with,

Scissors: fabric scissors and needle scissors are ideal,

A sewing ring or thimble will serve you well,

Threads: these can be embroidery, darning and sewing threads, but also coarser threads and what you already have at home.

Embroidery hoops can be useful,

Crayons, tailor's chalk

Ruler, 30 cm long, transparent ideal, but others are also possible,

Fabrics to swap.

For patchwork:

Cutting mat, quilting rulers and cutter,

fabric remnants.


Available on request:

A small iron, a small cutting mat, patchwork templates to try out,

Hand tools such as sashiko needles can be tried out at the first meeting, please ask in advance!

A contribution towards the cost of sashiko yarns etc. will be charged depending on consumption (from EUR 1).

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