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Adam and Eve Journey

It's all about connecting now!

Felicity Brown in an email conversation.


It is the story of a creative Journey and a documentary about people we meet by chance. Here dressmaking becomes a medium that allows us to enter people's lives and tell their stories.

We portray the people in their dress pieces and document the moments.

2017 together with the British artist and fashion designer Felicity Brown, we travelled to New Mexico with John Milton's poem Paradise Lost, some fabrics, and pigments in our luggage. We found an ideal temporary home in Bodhi Mandala Zen Center in Jemez Springs, where we met Hosen, Seyeon, Myra and Glen.

Fashion and art can transform the way we feel about ourselves, how we look at our lives and what we can do with our future. We call this the transformative quality of fashion and art. Our ambition through the Journeys is to provide this experience and ignite a spark of creativity. We believe that Fashion can transform people’s lives and has the ability to serve a larger community.


The BEING EVE JOURNEY is the continuation of a series of documented journeys of Felicity Brown that have taken place in the USA and Europe since 2013.

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