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New Skin For A Landscape
Workshop discussions with malatsion

The idea comes while speaking


(On the gradual formation of thoughts while speaking)

The  gradual creation of thoughts while talking and gradual creation of things while making the is a perfect combination and invitation to discuss important matters, get to know ourselves and others, and touch and understand earthly things with our hands and minds. It is also about togetherness and sharing experiences and time.

12. Juli 2024

17 bis 20 Uhr

I'm not trying to make magic of some kind that would impress an audience as to how the work is created. There are no secrets. The philosophical or psychological question here is how, as an artist, I give myself the authority to make art.

Hassan Sharif


There is no novelty that is wholly novel. There’re always antecedent conditions.

Cornel West (in his Masterclass)

The workshop talks - a combination of artist talk/lecture and workshop - take place at the interface between art, craft and society. With a changing focus, artistic and craft methods are presented that can be tried out during participation. We draw references to strategies of artistic creation, to contemporary positions and to art history. We invite guests who can provide insights into special thematic focuses, such as textiles as an artistic material, quilting, embroidery in art, social aspects of textile art, color in painting and textile art.

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