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In the textile art workshop in schools, I show children creative, artistic and sustainable ways of designing with textile materials and inspire them to make their own things together. To this end, I present a selected and playful range of production and design methods from all over the world, ranging from felting, weaving, dyeing and embroidery to patchwork and sewing small projects.
It ideally includes:
Weaving: Finger weaving (Native American); pole weaving (rag rugs, Sweden);ribbon weaving, map weaving (Europe, South America)
Felting with raw wool from local sheep
Braiding and cord making: Kumihimo (Japan); loop braiding (Europe)
Pompoms, because they are fun and decorative (from all over the world)
With needle and thread: small patchwork ideas, sweetbags and juggling balls (from all over the world); embroidery: Pata Tenanga from Mexico, free embroidery
Working with color: Shibori - a batik method from Japan; reverse printing with rice pastes (Africa)

Custom Programs for Schools

Is your institution interested in creative projects with textile materials and handicrafts? My textile art workshop offers tailored programs for schools and after-school programs.

  • Creative Projects: Exciting and educational workshops for children that enhance craftsmanship, mindfulness, and artistic expression.

  • Individual Adaptation: Each program is customized to meet the needs of your students.

Contact me:

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