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Sashiko 3:

February 22, 2025

12 to 3 pm

50,- EUR

6 spots

All necessary materials will be provided.

The prerequisite for Sashiko 3 is previous participation in one of my Sashiko introductory workshops with the focus on unshin.

Learn the basics of Hitozashi, how you can sew a variety of patterns even without a preliminary drawing and how Unshin is used in the implementation.

Hitomezashi is the generic term for one of the two groups of sashiko patterns. It is characterized by the fact that the stitches are placed next to each other in a certain way.

In the workshop, you will learn how to adapt the pattern to your workpiece and create interesting Hitomezashi patterns with and without preliminary drawings.

If you are in a difficult financial situation and the workshop fees are too high for your wallet, please let me know.  We will see if I can offer you a discount.

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