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Sashiko & Unshin
Learn the foundations of Sashiko!

September 21, 2024

12 - 3 pm

50,- EUR

6 Spots

Active members of Liebe deine Kleider and the Quilting Bee get a discount. Ask for it!

The Sashiko workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of Sashiko, and also for those who have never held a needle before.

The Sashiko Workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of Sashiko, including those who have never held a needle before.


Learn how to transform the quality of your fabrics to make them durable and achieve a unique fabric texture. With this centuries-old technique from Japan, you can repair any hole in your favorite jeans or hand-sew new, individual fabric pieces of your choice. Using a simple cotton thread, a needle, the special sewing finger ring, and the willingness to let go of perfectionist ideals, in Sashiko, no two stitches are intentionally the same, and minimal waste of fibers and fabric is encouraged. The hand-sewing technique is called Unshin. The rhythmic movement of the needle makes Sashiko ideal for experiencing the mindfulness inherent in any handicraft. Famous representatives of Sashiko are the Boros, who crafted many of these small stitches over many generations. Unshin is a classic patchwork quilt stitch among utility stitches. Due to its diverse decorative possibilities, it is also often referred to as embroidery.

In the workshop we will familiarize ourselves with Unshin. We will learn how to use the long sashi needle to our advantage and how it can help us construct patterns. After a short theoretical introduction, we will cut our yubinuki from leather and adjust it to fit our middle finger. We will try out different sashiki needles (including one or two 'normal' needles), learn about the special features of the less twisted sashiko yarn and familiarize ourselves with the interaction of fabric, needle, thread, yubiniki and the different processes of Unshin. We will make sample pieces that can be used for small bags or similar items.

At the end of the workshop, you will have gained a good idea of the many possibilities of this centuries-old sewing tradition and should be able to apply what you have learned to your own projects at home and develop them further in the future.

The workshop provides a solid foundation for further participation in the Quilting Bee, where you can share and expand your experiences with a small group of textile enthusiasts.

This workshop allows participation in Sashiko 2 on February 22, 2025 with a focus on Hitomezashi and Sashiko 3 with Moyozashi on Sunday, February 23.

If you are in a difficult financial situation and the workshop fees are too high for your wallet, please let me know.  We will see if I can offer you a discount.

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