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Machine Sewing Class for Beginners
Log Cabin


August 24, 2024

12 till 4 pm

90,- EUR
4 spots
Active members of Liebe deine Kleider and the Quilting Bee get a discount. Ask for it!

You will have the opportunity to use four different sewing machines: a state-of-the-art Pfaff Creation Icon, a Pfaff 260 with motor, an old Adler domestic machine and a Bernina treadle machine from the 1950s. You are also welcome to bring your own sewing machine.

In this workshop, you will use the sewing machine as a creative tool. You will learn how sewing machines are threaded, what role the bobbin thread plays and how you can regulate the thread tension. I will share professional tips with you on how to protect your fingers while sewing and how to make the cutter, fabric and thread scissors and the iron your best friends.
As a practice project, we will sew our own fabric creations from my fabric and fiber stash.

At the end of the workshop, your first fabric designs will have taken shape and you will be able to further develop what you have learned independently.

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