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Handnäh-Workshop Frankfurt am Main

Hand-Sewing Workshop

July 12, 2024

5 to 8 pm

42,- EUR
6 spots

Active members of Liebe deine Kleider and the Quilting Bee get a discount. Ask for it!

All necessary materials and fabrics, snacks, tea and coffee are included in the price.

In our hands!

Sewing by hand is a personal experience. It is an intimate and creative process that is based on relaxed concentration. Sewing by hand is direct, requires minimal tools and feels organic. If we make the effort and learn how to use a thimble or sewing ring, sewing by hand is quick, uncomplicated and gentle on the joints. We can sew and embroider many things that are not possible to sew with a machine. Gold embroidery is an example of this. Kimonos and dirndls are also traditionally sewn by hand. In haute couture, sewing by hand is indispensable. Until the invention of the sewing machine in the 1840s, sewing was done exclusively by hand.

Sashiko is a wonderful example of sewing/embroidery by hand. But the western way with the sewing ring and small needles is also smart and gentle on the hand. I love appliquéing and quilting by hand.


In this workshop, I will show you how to use a needle, thread, scissors and, above all, how to use the sewing ring. As a practice project, we will sew a juggling ball to use as a pincushion and if there is enough time we start with a sweet bag made from squares tiangles or strips to store sewing utensils.

By the end of the hand-sewing-workshop, you will have a good understanding of the limitless possibilities needle and thread offer and will be prepared to apply and expand upon what you have learned for your own projects.

Please note: As is typical with textile handwork, these things take time. It's probably not possible to complete your project on-site. The more time you invest, the more beautiful the result will be.

The workshop is a good basis for further participation in the Quilting Bee.

If you are in a difficult financial situation and the workshop fees are too high for your wallet, let me know.  We will discuss together whether I can grant a discount.

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